Popular Items

These are the garments and styles that we use for the vast majority of orders because of their quality, style and fit. Click on any item to get more detailed information. The “base price” is the least expensive option. The price listed on the other options will be the approximate additional cost above the base price.

Standard Short Sleeve Tees

Gildan 2000
Base Price

Hanes 5180
Adds ~$1.00

Youth Styles

Gildan 2000B
Base Price

Gildan 2400B
Adds ~$5.00

Sport Tek YST254
Adds ~$13.00

Fitted Short Sleeve Tees

Canvas 3001
Adds ~$4.00

V-Neck Short Sleeve Tees

Canvas 3005
Adds ~$5.00

Bella 6005
Adds ~$5.00

Women’s Short Sleeve Tees

Gildan 2000L
Base Price

Bella 6004
Adds ~$5.00

Long Sleeve Tees

Gildan 2400
Adds ~$5.00

Canvas 3501
Adds ~$7.00


Indy Trading SS3000
Adds ~$11.00

Sport Tek ST253
Adds ~$15.00


Indy Trading SS4500
Adds ~$12.00

Indy Trading 4000
Adds ~$14.00

Indy Trading 4000Z
Adds ~$17.00

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