Screen Printing

The mainstay of Ink Monkey Graphics is the combination of equipment and knowledge of the screen printing business. The versatility of this process allows for the creation of a design as wide and detailed as a landscape or as simple as a few letters or numbers to be stenciled and recreated on a variety of materials. A plain white background or a brightly colored solid can be transformed into a unique and custom designed image. Screen printing is a permanent method of transferring ink to a T-shirt or other surface that leaves a bright and sharp image that endures normal washing and wear.

Well established in the Davis and Sacramento regions, the Ink Monkey staff has the ability to screen print intricate details, custom logos and a wide spectrum of images that come to life and make a statement. Their facility follows strict codes for maintaining and regulating high quality equipment to ensure consistent results with each screen printing. This high level of quality has made Ink Monkey a leader in screen printing with continuing business from both new and repeat customers.

2021 Ink Monkey Graphics